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Look Fab With 5 Skin Care Steps

Many people find it complicated to care for the body because they think that they need to use dozens of products. To remain youthful and healthy is one of the things that everybody would want to have. The skin is our moist visible feature and can be the most problematic part of our body.Some people feel envy of the actors and actresses because they have that radiant and glowing skin. Having skin like those we see on the celebrities is not impossible and certainly will not hurt our pockets. All we need to do is follow 5 skin care steps that are easy and inexpensive. These simplified skin care routine covers the things that your skin needs to have from cleansing to anti-aging. These steps can help banish blemishes and fine lines and make have that skin you always wanted.Step 1: Cleansing. The start of every skin care routine is cleansing the skin twice a day. This can be done in the morning and in the evening. Cleanse your skin with the use of a gentle and fragrance-free cleanser or a mild soap. Use your hands in lathering the soap or cleanser and do not use a washcloth because it can be rough for the skin. Choose a cleanser that does not dry the skin since the skin needs some natural oils.Step 2: Toning. The use of toners will help your skin get rid of the excess dirt or beauty products like make-up left on your skin even though you already have cleansed. Use a toner and see the residue on the cotton pad. Regular toning will refine and minimize pores and makes your skin feel clean and fresh.Step 3: Moisturizing. This step is the most common step in keeping your skin young and healthy. Use best moisturiser or best facial moisturizer to keep our skin hydrated especially during extreme weather conditions. Apply dry skin lotion at least twice a day especially after bathing to retain as much moisture as possible.Step 4: Scrub/Exfoliate. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells which make your skin smooth beneath the surface. However, do not exfoliate everyday because it will only make your skin drier. This can be done once or twice a week. Use a product that is safe and is not harsh because too much sloughing makes your skin sensitive when under the sun.Step 5: Anti-aging. This step is necessary in protecting the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Sun exposure makes your skin look old and can cause premature aging. Use sun block or sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 for every day use. If you are staying outdoors most of the time, use a product with higher SPF and reapply the sunscreen constantly.These 5 steps coupled with regular skin maintenance are all you need to keep your skin radiant and glowing.